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All therapy sessions are being conducted through HIPAA compliant secure Telehealth video which are designed to help create healthy patterns of thinking and set measurable goals for the family unit or individual.

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 Marriage and Family Counseling

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Identify sources of conflict among family members

Reestablish/improve communication between family members

Navigate the stresses of difficult circumstances in a less volatile manner

Restore balance within the family unit

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Unlike individual therapy, sessions aren’t for one person even if that's the only member of the family working with me. Instead the focus is on the set of relationships that make up the family unit.

My therapeutic style focuses on deconstructing common beliefs, examining the value of these beliefs in an individual's life, honoring the client’s expertise & understanding of their life, balancing my expertise in the mental health field, and creating a highly collaborative, rather than authoritative, therapeutic relationship. My approach to therapy is based on the concepts associated with Postmodern Therapy, Narrative Therapy, & Collaborative models of therapy. 

Family Therapy

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Investment Begins at $150

Process previous traumatic experiences

Gain a better understanding of your emotions

Identify roadblocks and obstacles to optimal mental health

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Focused on communication, talk therapy allows you to discuss concerns that range from stress management, relationship problems, to people who are struggling with mental health conditions.

My therapeutic style is rooted in working together collaboratively to understand your story, identifying your goals and walking alongside you on your journey. My approach to therapy is based on the concepts associated with Postmodern Therapy, Narrative Therapy, & Collaborative models of therapy.

talk therapy

Investment Begins at $65

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Joining a process group with other Houstonians in your local community is a great way to learn and understand different patterns of behavior, as well as build trust with others you identify with. 

Therapy groups are usually a follow-up or addition to individual and or family therapy. Connect with others in your local community of Cypress, Katy and surrounding areas, and learn how to build trust with each other. Good groups help us build confidence, strengthen self-esteem, sort mix-ups, share wisdom, receive help, and learn how to change and adjust our lives for greater pleasure. 

Group Therapy Sessions

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Kamili Wade-Reescano is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Houston, TX .

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