Kamili Wade-Reescano is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Houston, TX 

As a result of working with me, individuals/families can learn new coping skills and techniques to better manage daily stressors, develop coping strategies for different situations, and work on habits they would like changed. I am looking for individuals/families who are seeking peace, healing and or growth.

explore thoughts, feelings and worries without judgment so you may experience greater joy, peace, connection and love

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Grappling with problems in a relationship

Wanting to make changes for better mental and emotional health

Facing a significant crisis

Coping with a major life transition

Dealing with complicated family dynamics

Trust me you aren't alone.

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In my heart I am a therapist today because of all of my journey, not just the credentials and degrees thus I am going to start there. If you would be so kind to hang with me as I tell my story it may help you decide if you would like for us to collaborate on your journey to mental health.

they want to know your scars and see themselves in you overcoming.

Here is the place where I should list all my credentials, degrees and how amazing and smart I am (all that is true) in 2 short paragraphs. However, I have learned that many people want and benefit far more from your truth;

my story

Thus HIMPACT PLLC was born. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist. As a result of what I do individuals/families may experience improved/restored communication, restored trust, increased shared support, changed behavior, overcome problems, and become stronger. I am looking for individuals/families who are seeking peace, healing and or growth. Who do you know? 

Today: I am a marriage & family therapist 

Low and behold 2020 is welcomed with much fanfare. I recall many saying this is the year, 2020 vision and so on. Covid hit, racism an unhealed wound and social unrest had begun to bleed profusely. I don’t believe any family in America was left untouched in some way from either. I worked, cried, and held tight to family living through these unprecedented times. It was time. My spirit and soul had enough restless nights and soul crushing days in corporate America. It was time to leave that “good job” and do what I was called to do be of service, provide representation in the field of mental health and help others.

enduring 2020

My plans were to go back to college and get a business degree so that I could break that glass ceiling. I did go back to college, graduated with a BS in Business Management in 2006 from University of Phoenix, and added a daughter to my family.  But years later that glass ceiling barely had any cracks in it. My spirit tattered from life, raising children, and marriage.  All the challenges that come with those responsibilities had me asking once again “How did we get here?” I kept my "good job," returned to college, and received my MS degree in Human Sciences in 2018 from Prairie View A&M University. I made the decision then to use all my journey to become a therapist. I just wasn’t sure exactly how I would do this.

how did we get here? again

One day, home with 3 kiddos with chickenpox (my husband at work with our only car) I felt hopeless, broken, and broke. “how the hell did I get here I questioned?” I was continuing many of my families’ beliefs, behaviors, and patterns but I knew in my gut there was more. I just wasn’t sure where or how. I picked up the Yellow Pages (yes, you may google if you don’t know what that is… it's ok, this is a judgment free zone) and found an education center in the community.

My exact words to the lady who answered the phone ``Do you have training where I can get a 'good job?' I have 3 kids and I don’t have any money for school.” The young lady asked me a few questions and said that I qualified for the program. I completed the 6-month program and went on to secure a “good job." You know, the kind with weekends off, benefits, and vacation! Yes honey, I had made it to corporate America. I had done it, or so I thought.

I knew in my gut there was more

I am the oldest of 5 born and raised in Los Angeles California to an unwed teenage mother, and a father who abandoned his responsibilities. There was major lack and the odds were stacked against me. I wanted to grow up and become a lawyer. I loved to talk and I loved to help people (I still do), but it didn’t quite go that way. I continued the generational pattern and became a teenage mom myself. I went on to complete high school, have two more children, and married my children’s father who is still on this amazing journey with me today. I did what many of us do. I worked odd jobs to help make ends meet. But we all know how that goes. You have more month than money. It was painful and deep inside I wanted more for my children - and secretly more for me, too.

the odds were stacked against me

How i got to where i am today....

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Childhood Book Character: Amelia Bedilia

Favorite Food: Spaghetti 

I graduated from an HBCU 


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As a result of what I do, individuals/families may experience improved communication, restored trust, increased shared support, changed behavior, work through/ overcome problems and become stronger. I am looking for individuals/families who are seeking peace, healing and or growth. Who do you know?

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Kamili Wade-Reescano is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Houston, TX .

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