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I work with amazing individuals and/or families like yours who are dissatisfied with their lives. If you know that an important transformation needs to happen and are looking for support                                                                         

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I’m a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Houston, TX. Driven by the love of conversations, connecting with others and helping people learn about themselves. I am passionate about helping my clients heal from generational trauma, providing representation in the therapeutic space and creating lasting change.

As a therapist my goals include facilitating change, alleviating emotional pain or confusion, and improving family relationships. 

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Drama or Trauma with Children, Pre Teens, Teens, Parents

Mental Illness 

Family is Growing Apart

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When you don’t see people that look like you, you don’t think it is for you. It is my passion to bring healing to all families with an emphasis on communities of color therefore decreasing the stigma attached to mental health and therapy. 


Safe spaces are created when the vulnerable party determines that the space is safe and only then. As a therapist it is my intention to create a space through validation and empathy but ultimately, the power to designate the space as safe will belong to the individual and or family unit.

A safe space

Family bonds are so important, yet can be painful and stressful to all members of the family. Family therapy gives everyone in your family an opportunity to discuss, explore, and resolve family dynamics that are hurtful, damaging and repetitive.

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As a result of what I do, individuals/families may experience improved communication, restored trust, increased shared support, changed behavior, work through/ overcome problems and become stronger. I am looking for individuals/families who are seeking peace, healing and or growth. Who do you know?

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Kamili Wade-Reescano is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Houston, TX .

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